Kara Welker

phone: 212.329.8482

Here's some television and online stuff I write for:
"Girl Code" on MTV

"Failosophy" on MTV

 "Guy Code" on mtv2 -- Season 2 & 3

"The Nikki and Sara Show" pilot for MTV

This is a piece I had published last year in Overflow Magazine for their "Sad Stories by Funny People" feature:

Sad Stories by Funny People

I blogged for the truTV network's "Dumb As A Blog" for over a year and created some real gems of forgettable internet nonsense:

"Philly Cheese Mistake" on Dumb As A Blog

"Is An Unclean Vagina Keeping You From Getting That Raise?" on Dumb As A Blog

"Turkey Crisis Prevention Hotline" original video written by and starring me, Rusty Ward & Ritch Duncan

From 2009-2011 I created original content for AOL's and including my own column "Am I The Worst Person Ever?

"Girl, Interrupted -- How I Finally Got Over My Panic Disorder" on

"Am I The Worst Person Ever?:  I Don't Want To Be In Your Wedding." on